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Aged and Chronic Disease Services

Do you have a diabetes, longstanding heart and/or lung problems or other conditions such as arthritis causing pain and movement difficulties? Are you caring for a friend or relative who is aged and needs support to stay living independently in their home and community?

Call the Central Intake Service on 1800 999 880 to find out more about our services.

We have nursing and allied health teams who are able to coordinate and provide support services to work with you (and your carer) to improve or maintain your independence at home and within your community.

How will our Aged and Chronic Disease Management Services help you?

Our services can assess your needs and provide specific information to help you manage your longstanding conditions.  After an in-depth assessment, the health professional from one of the teams will liaise with your GP or doctor and medical specialist to ensure your care is coordinated and meets your needs.

We can provide you with specific and practical information to help you manage your longstanding condition including:

  • Allied Health services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work services and Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nursing services
  • Support to help you work on aspects of your health such as smoking cessation, healthy eating and activity levels
  • Link you in with other services such as My Aged Care, Carers Australia and those in your local community

Chronic Disease Management Services include:

  • Heart (Cardiac) Rehabilitation Services  to help with your recovery after a heart event or surgery.
  • Lung (Respiratory) Rehabilitation services to help manage your lung condition, breathing and manage daily activities.
  • Falls prevention services - Education and exercise programs to reduce or prevent falls.
  • Tai Chi - Gentle exercise class to improve balance, strength and wellbeing.
  • Quit Smoking - Encouragement, resources and support to help smokers quit.
  • Diabetes Education - Understanding and managing diabetes.
  • My Aged Care Assessment Service - Assessment and linkage to aged care supports and services.
  • Get Healthy - Services to help support and motivate you to make lifestyle changes and improve your health.


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Last updated: 24 September 2019