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My Aged Care Assessment Services

Growing older can sometimes mean seeking help to manage day-to-day living activities.

There are many different types of aged care services available, and many are government-funded. Eligibility is based on an assessment process. Carers may also be eligible for respite services. 

If you need extra support at home to improve your wellbeing and help you stay independent, or if are you caring for an elderly relative or friend these services can help visit the My Aged Care website. Even if you don’t need help today it doesn’t hurt to plan.

Go to the My Aged Care website to find trusted information about aged care services or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

How will the My Aged Care Assessment Service help you?

My Aged Care can help you access:

  • Support at home such as personal care, transport, meals and assistance with household jobs
  • Short term help while you are recovering after an accident or illness or when you’ve had a set back
  • Care in an aged care home

My Aged Care will arrange for a trained assessor to come to your home.  With your consent they will:

  • Assess your care needs and eligibility for services
  • Work with you and your family or carer to develop an individual support plan to meet your needs and supports what you’d like to achieve.

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Last updated: 25 November 2019