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Telehealth is a way of connecting you and your specialist through the use of video technology.

  • It allows you to access services from home, hospital or a community centre
  • It reduces the need for travel while still providing high quality care
  • It is changing the way we provide our services to you

In case of an emergency, please call 000.

How will our Telehealth Service help you?

Telehealth can help ensure you get the care you need. Telehealth will:

  • Reduce the need for travel and the costs involved with being away from home
  • Is available on your own computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Improves your access to health and support services by eliminating the distance between you and your health care provider
  • Offer convenience and flexibility
  • Improves patient safety by keeping people off the road

Telehealth does not replace the need for face to face consultations, however it can be used as an additional tool when face to face appointments are not needed.

Telehealth support services available

Southern NSW Local Health District are in the early rollout of this technology, and will slowly rollout more services as they become available. 

Service Contacts

Administration Contact

Conferencing Services Support

Last updated: 04 May 2020