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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology services offer assessment, management and education support to adults and children and their families, with swallowing and/or communication difficulties. This can include difficulties with:

  • Swallowing (dysphagia), eating/feeding or drinking,
  • Language or communication (including understanding and using language to communicate, listening, reading and writing),
  • Speaking clearly and pronouncing words correctly
  • Using voice (including changes to voice, vocal nodules),
  • Fluency, and
  • Social skills.

How can a Speech Pathologist help you?

Speech Pathologists work with adults and children with communication and/or swallowing/feeding difficulties so that they can participate fully and safely in their everyday activities. This is done through the evidence-based assessment and management of difficulties so that people can improve on their ability to:

  • Enjoy mealtimes with their families and friends,
  • Understand what is being said to them,
  • Use words and/or sentences to get their message across to others,
  • Speak clearly,
  • Use their voice appropriately and effectively,
  • Speak fluently,
  • Interact with other people more effectively.

Services can include:

  • Assessment and intervention (individual or group),
  • Clinic, home, school and residential aged care based care,
  • Family, parent, teacher or carer training and education.

If you are unsure whether you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty eating/swallowing or communicating with others, please contact your local Speech Pathology department to discuss your concerns.

Speech Pathology Referrals

Speech Pathology services provide support for both inpatient and community clients within SNSWLHD.

Inpatient clients

Inpatient services are provided to clients who are currently admitted to a hospital within the district.

  • Referrals can be made by the patient/family or staff involved in their care.
  • Referrals are made via the district’s electronic medical records.

Outpatient/Community Health clients

Outpatient services are provided to people who live in the health district and are not currently admitted to a hospital.

  • Referrals can be made by clients or people involved in their care by calling 1800 999 880.

Departments provide a service Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm.

Service Locations

Last updated: 31 October 2019