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Consumer Advocates and Peer Workers

We are here to help you and your family to get the support you need during this time. Our team of trained and caring staff will work closely with you and your family.

This team includes Consumer Advocates and Peer Workers.

Consumer Advocates and Peer Workers have a ‘lived experience’ of mental illness.  

Our Consumer Advocates and Peer Workers work in both community and hospital mental health settings.  

The contact details for consumer advocates and peer workers are on display in each mental health service. You can also ask at reception, or, ask any of the team for more information.  

How will Consumer advocates and peer workers help you?

Some of the things we do are:  

  • Offer you understanding and support
  • Make sure our service listens, understands and respond to you.
  • Help you to get the information you need 
  • Help you if you are finding it hard to access the right services.
  • Support you to understand your rights and responsibilities, and the responsibilities of our service.
  • Support you on your recovery journey 
Last updated: 09 July 2019