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Maternity - Frequently Asked Questions

Partners in hospital

Your partner is welcome to be with you while you are in labour and during your postnatal stay in Maternity.

Your partner will need to make arrangements for their meals during your stay.

Useful information links for Dads and partners


How long will I stay in hospital after my baby is born?

This will depend on the type of birth you have and how you and your baby are.

After a normal vaginal birth your stay will usually be between 6 – 48 hours following birth.

Your stay may be longer if you have had complications during your birth or your baby requires additional care.

If you have had a caesarian section [c section] your stay will usually be around 72 hours.


Will my midwife visit me at home after I have my baby?

Most Maternity services offer postnatal home visits, however there may be travel limits eg 20-30 minute travel from the service. Please discuss this with your Midwife.

Service Contacts

  • 02 6491 9970
  • 02 6455 3230
  • 02 4827 3224
  • 02 6150 7190
  • 02 4474 1988 
Last updated: 28 February 2023