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Your First Antenatal Visit

Your maternity service will contact you to make your first antenatal visit appointment once your booking in registration is received

  • During this visit your Midwife will discuss your general health, ask questions about this and any previous pregnancies.
  • Please bring any recent pathology or ultrasound reports with you to this visit.
  • Your Midwife will commence your “hand held” pregnancy record.
  • Check and discuss routine antenatal tests and screening.
  • Discuss any risk factors and plan your antenatal care with you and your partner.
  • Discuss referrals to other Health Care clinicians if required
  • If risk factors or complications are identified you may require more consultations and a possible transfer to a higher level facility for ongoing care, but generally most women will be able to have most of their antenatal care provided at their chosen Maternity Service.

Service Contacts

  • 02 6491 9970
  • 02 6455 3230
  • 02 4827 3224
  • 02 6150 7190
  • 02 4474 1988 
Last updated: 28 February 2023