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Antenatal Bookings

Southern NSW Local Health District Maternity Services are here to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and post-birth. 

We encourage women to visit us for their first appointment before 14 weeks gestation. This will enable us to provide and plan your pregnancy care that meets you and your baby/babies needs, as well as plan your pregnancy care with you, your partner, midwife and obstetric team.

Online registration forms are available below to book into your local health facility.

How to register and book in

Please use our Booking Form.

Once we receive your online booking form, we will send you an email and contact you to arrange pregnancy care appointments. You are welcome to attach any pathology results or Ultrasounds to the online booking form or you can bring them to your first pregnancy care appointment.

Most Maternity Services in Southern NSW Local Health District offer a shared model of care with midwives and GP obstetricians. Your local Maternity Service will be happy to discuss their model of care and provide you with further information.

If you live in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), you can birth in a Southern NSW Local Health District Maternity Service. 


Maternity Booking-In Clinic Admission Form

Service Contacts

  • 02 6491 9970
  • 02 6455 3230
  • 02 4827 3224
  • 02 6150 7190
  • 02 4474 1988 
Last updated: 27 July 2022