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Kidney (Renal) Health Services

Renal or ‘Nephrology’ is a medical specialty concerned with the kidneys. The kidneys are vital organs that filter the bloodstream, clearing waste products and controlling the body’s level of water and chemicals.

Chronic kidney disease is a condition where a person has evidence of kidney damage or reduced kidney function. If you have end-stage kidney disease you may require dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive.

Management and support for adults with kidney disease is available in Southern NSW. Your doctor (GP) needs to refer you to renal doctors (specialists) at Canberra Hospital. For more information call 02 5124 2046 or visit the Renal Outpatients Service: Building 15, Canberra Hospital, Yamba Dr, Garran.

Renal Services for residents in Southern NSW are provided under a Renal Agreement between Canberra Hospital and the Local Health District.

The team of renal doctors provide medical care and treatment for Southern NSW residents with kidney disease and attend regular renal clinics across Southern NSW.

How will our renal service help you?

We provide information, support and treatment for individuals (and their families) affected by kidney disease.

Once you have been referred to our service the renal team will work with you, your family and your doctor (GP) to manage your kidney disease, providing support and care along the way.

Renal Services we provide:

Canberra Hospital Renal Services

The Canberra Hospital Renal Service provides comprehensive clinical care, including dialysis and post-transplant care for patients with kidney diseases, inclusive of community and allied health services.

  • Outpatient Services:
    - High blood pressure management
    - Chronic kidney disease management
    - General nephrology
  • Inpatient services
  • Pre and post Kidney Transplant care and management
  • Haemodialysis: acute and community
  • Home Based Dialysis Therapies (Peritoneal dialysis and Home Haemodialysis)
  • Home dialysis patient training
  • Nocturnal haemodialysis patient training
  • Renal Supportive Care and symptom management
  • Access surgery for dialysis provided by vascular team at Canberra Hospital

Renal Services in Southern NSW

  • Bulk billed renal clinics
  • Chronic kidney disease management  
  • Treatment options education and support
  • Dialysis including home based treatments
  • Renal Supportive Care and symptom management  

Please note: The renal service in Southern NSW does not provide management for children. Please speak directly with your doctor or GP if your child requires renal services.

Service Locations

Service Contacts

Canberra Hospital Renal Outpatients (Tertiary Hospital)

Last updated: 04 March 2020