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Out of Home Care Pathway Program

The Out of Home Care Pathway provides a health service, in conjunction with Family and Community Services and Non-Government Organisations, for children and young people entering out of home care. 

The Pathway gathers medical information, assesses medical status and the need for monitoring, referral and review in order to identify and treat any health problems as early as possible. 

Primary Health Screenings and assessments are undertaken by a range of healthcare providers, including general practitioners (GPs), Aboriginal Medical Services and child and family health nurses. Depending on the findings, children and young people may then be referred for a comprehensive health assessment.


The Out of Home Care Clinic only accepts referrals from Southern NSW Family and Community Services offices. Referral criteria include:

  • The child is aged 0 - 17 years and has entered statutory out-of-home care on or after 1 July 2010;
  • The child must be under the parental responsibility of the minister;
  • The child must be placed within NSW; and
  • The child is likely to remain in care for longer than 90 days.


Last updated: 26 June 2018