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Local Health District Child Wellbeing Co-ordinators (CWCs)

Child Wellbeing Coordinators are based in Local Health Districts to contribute to the development and improvement of systems and building the capacity of the Local Health Districts in how they respond to the needs of vulnerable children and families.

CWCs support Health Services in fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to recognising and responding to child safety, welfare and wellbeing concerns, including responsibilities around sharing information with other workers. This role includes being available to consult with and provide advice and education to health service managers and workers.

The Coordinators are also a key link to other agency Child Wellbeing Units. They provide information on local health services and assist other CWU agencies to identify referral pathways into health services. Coordinators may also have a role in facilitating Chapter 16A information exchange between other agency CWUs and Health Services (when other agency CWUs aren’t sure of whom to contact in NSW Health).

Last updated: 29 June 2018