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Infectious Disease Control

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi and can cause illness that may require urgent public health intervention to reduce the spread of infection. Infectious diseases can be spread from a person or the environment and it’s important we act quickly should there be an outbreak of an infectious disease.

For all enquiries regarding an infectious disease or to report a notifiable infectious disease call 1300 066 055 to speak to a surveillance officer. We offer a 24 hour service.

How will our Infectious Diseases Services help you?

Our service helps manage infectious disease outbreaks and provides education and advice. We can assist by providing:

  • A surveillance officer who can advise how to minimise the spread of infection
  • We investigate and monitor infectious disease outbreaks
  • We identify the source of the outbreak
  • We follow up and ensure ongoing monitoring
  • We provide expert advice on the control of these infectious disease outbreaks to doctors, schools, health care workers, other agencies and to the public

What are Notifiable Infectious Diseases?

The Public Health Act 2010​​​​ requires that certain medical conditions be notified to public health authorities in NSW.

For further information regarding the infectious diseases that are notifiable from a Doctor or Hospital please refer to the NSW Health links below:


Last updated: 27 March 2023