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Information for Health Professionals

Services we can provide to Health Professionals

  • General enquiries about current immunisation programs and vaccines
  • Receipt of information about any Adverse Events Following Immunisation
  • Advice on vaccine management and cold chain breaches
  • School Vaccination Records that may have been given to adolescents in NSW High Schools
  • Advice on how to catch up individuals not fully immunised

Cold Chain Breach Labels

        Additional stickers can be ordered from the:
        Better Health Centre
02 9887 5450 or Email:


National Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) Reporting

Please contact Public Health on 1300 066 055 in the first instance, to verbally notify an AEFI.

The AEFI form is to be faxed to:

  • Albury Public Health: 02 6080 8999 OR
  • Goulburn Public Health: 02 4824 1831

School Vaccinations

To access vaccination records that may have been given in NSW High Schools within a School Vaccination Program, please advise the client to:

  • To access NSW School Vaccination Program records please:

  • Refer to the Australian Government myGov Website - you will need your login details
  • If school vaccination records are not available on the ‘myGov’ site please complete the School Vaccination Record Request form and return to the Public Health Unit for follow-up; or
  • Contact the Public Health Immunisation Coordinator on 1300 066 055 for advice

For information regarding the NSW School Vaccination Program: 

Last updated: 24 May 2019