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HIV Prevention


The best way to protect yourself and others from HIV is to practice safe sex. Always use a condom if you have vaginal or anal sex.

Needle Syringe Program (NSP)

Using sterile needles and injecting equipment and not sharing with others will prevent you from becoming infected with HIV.  Information on the Needle and Syringe Program can be found here.

Treatment as Prevention

Treatment for HIV can improve your health outcomes and reduces the risk of passing on HIV to others. It is still recommended to use condoms and sterile injecting equipment.

Treatment today is now simpler with few side effects.

PEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis

What is PEP

PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is a four week course of treatment (tablets) that may prevent becoming infected with HIV after a high risk exposure such as sharing injecting equipment or condomless anal sex with someone who is possibly HIV positive.

PEP should be started as soon as possible after contact with HIV and no later than 72 hours.

Where to access PEP

You can access PEP at Emergency Departments in NSW Public Hospitals and Sexual Health Clinics, you can also call the  24 hour PEP Hotline 1800 PEP NOW  (1800 737 669) – (inside NSW).

PrEP – Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

PrEP - Pre Exposure Prophylaxis prevents people who do not have HIV becoming infected by taking a daily tablet. You can get a prescription for PrEP from your GP or sexual health service.
More information about how PrEP works and who should take it can be found here.

Last updated: 20 November 2019