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HIV Health Professionals

The HIV & Related Program Unit (HARP)

The HIV and Related Services Program (HARP) unit is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health to coordinate sexual health services, the Needle Syringe and Health Promotion Programs in Murrumbidgee and Southern NSW Local Health Districts. We also support and undertake education activities for health providers, other community service providers and community.

HIV Support Program (HSP)

The NSW HIV Support Program provides advice and support for doctors when they diagnose someone with HIV. 

By supporting doctors people diagnosed with HIV can receive access to five key support services.

  1. Appropriate clinical management
  2. Psychosocial support
  3. Counselling about HIV treatment and prevention of transmission to others
  4. Contact tracing assistance
  5. Linkage to relevant specialist, community and peer support services

The HSP Coordinator for Murrumbidgee and Southern NSW Local Health District is the Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Consultant.

Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Consultant

Key Contacts

HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Manager

HARP Health Promotion Program Coordinator

Last updated: 29 October 2020