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Some people with hepatitis C will clear the virus naturally whilst others will have ongoing infection (chronic hepatitis C).  Treatment can be accessed by anyone who has chronic hepatitis C.

Is Hep C Treatment for me? Find out the answers here 

Treatment for chronic hepatitis C:

  • 12 weeks of daily tablets for most people (no injections)
  • 95% chance of cure
  • None or mild side effects

Benefits of Cure:

  • Improved liver health
  • No longer experience Hepatitis C symptoms
  • Improved life experience in the knowledge that you have cleared the virus and can no longer pass it on to others

Where can I get treated?

GPs, Hepatitis C Treatment Services, Infectious Diseases Specialists, Hepatologists and Gastroenterologists can all prescribe Hepatitis C treatments. Some Sexual Health Services provide hepatitis C treatment or can provide referral to treatment services.

Preparing for Treatment

If you have chronic hepatitis C and would like treatment, your GP, Specialist or Hepatitis C Nurse will undertake an assessment prior to starting. The assessment includes:

  • Blood test to check the type of hep C you have and the amount of virus in your body
  • A check for cirrhosis – This could be done by a blood test or a Fibroscan where available. A Fibroscan is a non-invasive test for liver disease due to hepatitis C.
  • A review of current medicines you are taking and if you have any previous history of hepatitis C treatment
Last updated: 03 July 2018