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Heart (Cardiac) Rehabilitation Services

Do you have a heart condition such as coronary artery disease or are you recovering from recent heart surgery?  Our service provides assessments, education, support and programs that may assist you return to an active and satisfying life.

Call the Central Intake Service on 1800 999 880 to make a referral.

We have Heart (Cardiac) rehabilitation programs that provide information to teach you how to manage your heart condition and support your recovery, run by specialist nurses and health professionals.

You can take part in the exercise sessions run by physiotherapists that can help you to manage daily activities, fitness and heart health.

How will our Heart (Cardiac) Rehabilitation Service help you?

Our service can assess your needs and provide specific information to help you manage your heart health. Your nurse will liaise with your GP or doctor and medical specialist to ensure your care is coordinated and meets your needs. Our staff can provide you with specific and practical information to help you manage your heart condition and speed up your recovery including:

  • Individual assessment and regular reviews
  • Daily management activities including driving and return to work
  • Low to moderate physical activity guidelines and exercise groups
  • Education about heart disease and emotional support
  • Managing your medications
  • Support to help you work on aspects of your heart health such as smoking cessation, healthy eating and activity levels

For information on your closest Heart (Cardiac) rehabilitation Service please contact the Central Intake Service on 1800 999 880.


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Last updated: 31 October 2019