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Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Infections can be spread through public swimming pools and spas if appropriate disinfection controls (treatment with chemicals including chlorine or bromine, or Ultra Violet light) are not being used or are not working correctly.

More information regarding public swimming pool and spas can be found on the NSW Government Health website

How will this information help?

It will help you to:

  • Understand public swimming pool and spa legislation (Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012). This legislation details chemical levels which need to be maintained, how many times they need to be tested each day and what records need to be kept in relation to testing carried out
  • Record the testing carried out by public swimming pool and spa owners/operators by providing sample inspection reports and log sheets
  • Understand best practices by following guidelines to help ensure your public swimming pool or spa does not cause a public health risk
  • Print brochures and posters you can hand out or display at your public swimming pool or spa to help educate swimming pool and spa users on how the can help keep public swimming pools and spas healthy
  • Find factsheets on topics including disinfection of swimming pools, swimming pool chemical testing frequency, oxidation – reduction potential and many more
  • Understand response protocols and what steps need to be taken to ensure the appropriate action in response to finding bugs or chemicals in public swimming pool or spas which may cause a risk to public health
  • Notify your local council that you have/operate a public swimming pool or spa
Last updated: 03 December 2018