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Drinking Water

A secure and safe supply of drinking water is very important to public health.

This is managed using the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. These guidelines detail how a secure and safe drinking water supply can be achieved, and what action can be taken to provide treatment to water which is not considered safe to protect public health.

If you have concerns about drinking water you can contact an Environmental Health Officer on 1300 066 055.

Information regarding drinking water can be found on the NSW Government Health website.

How will this information help you?

  • Understand drinking water quality
  • Manage drinking water quality and manage incidents which may impact upon drinking water quality causing risks to public health
  • Understand requirements for suppliers of drinking water in NSW
  • Understand requirements for water collected privately including rainwater tanks, surface water (rivers, creeks, etc.), and groundwater (bores)
  • Understand boil water alerts which can be issued where public health is at risk from unsafe drinking water
  • Understand response protocols and what steps need to be taken to ensure the appropriate action is taken in response to finding bugs or chemicals in water which may cause a risk to public health
  • Understand what steps need to be taken when fluoride is added to a drinking water supply
  • Find links to other factsheets relating to drinking water quality
Last updated: 19 June 2018