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Body Decoration and Grooming

Practices where the skin of a human is deliberately pierced are high risk procedures which can cause disease to be spread from one infected person to another, causing public health concerns.

These practices may include acupuncture, beauty treatments, body, nose and ear piercing and tattooing.

You can contact an Environmental Health Officer on 1300 066 055 for more information.

The skin penetration industry has to comply with regulations to ensure the public are protected.

Information regarding skin penetration/body decorating and grooming industries can be found on the NSW Government Health website.

How will this information help you?

  • Understand what skin penetration/body decorating and grooming industries are
  • Understand skin penetration legislation (Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012). This legislation for example details what skin penetration procedures are, what equipment must be kept on a premises and how it must be constructed, how and when equipment must be sterilised and how industry staff must protect themselves from infected clients
  • Find factsheets on topics including beauty treatment hygiene standards, cleaning and disinfection of foot spas, how to sterilise your equipment and many more
  • Print brochures you can hand out to or post in your workplace to help educate employees or clients on the requirements of the skin penetration industry you are involved in
  • Access an audit tool you can use to ensure you are operating your business in the most hygienic manner possible, protecting the public health of your employees and clients
  • Notify your local council that you operate a skin penetration business
Last updated: 02 September 2020