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Environmental Health

Our service aims to keep you and our community healthy and safe by investigating and monitoring environmental health issues that are either physical, biological or social. This includes:

  • Ensuring we have safe drinking water
  • Recreational water use is safe
  • Sewerage management
  • Waste management practices
  • Ensuring public swimming pools are safe to swim in
  • Toxicology
  • Microbial control
  • Skin penetration
  • Arbovirus control
  • Funeral industry compliance
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Basic hygiene monitoring

We work in partnership with NSW Health, NSW Office of Water, NSW Environmental Protection Authority and local councils to manage and investigate environmental health issues to keep communities safe and healthy. 

Environmental Health Fact Sheets - Factsheets regarding environmental health issues

Services we provide in Environmental Health:

  • Aboriginal environmental health - Housing for health environmental risks and issues
  • Air quality - Information on air pollution, common air pollutants, who is affected, simple steps to protect your health and indoor and outdoor air pollution.
  • Climate - Climate topics range from heat, cold, wind, water and information about the climate change and health
  • Water quality - Monitoring of the quality of drinking water, provide advice on the safe reuse of wastewater& control risks associated with public swimming pools and spa pools
  • Legionella Control - Working with stakeholders to develop new regulatory approach to managing water-cooling systems in NSW
  • Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools - All about the legislation, inspection reports, guidelines, how to clean pools, contamination response plans & notification forms
  • Skin Penetration Procedures - Procedures about body decorating and grooming practices
  • Managing the Deceased - Public Health works with the funeral industry and members of the public in regards to handling of bodies.
Last updated: 25 February 2019