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Eden Community Health

Eden Community Health forms part of the Bega Valley Health Service (BVHS). The BVHS is committed to promoting, protecting and maintaining the health of the Community it serves.

In all aspects of our work we strive to achieve better health and good health care by:
•    making available a range of quality health care services
•    advocating a ‘wellness’ approach
•    encouraging individuals to participate in their own health care
•    supporting and facilitating staff and community involvement in health
•    planning for the future

Eden is set on the slopes of the deep blue Twofold Bay and the Tasman Sea, offering the extraordinary attraction of humpback whales as they migrate north and south (often referred to as the 'Humpback Highway'), and home to the famous Eden Killer Whale Museum.  The area provides easy access to Ben Boyd National Park and its spectacular bushwalking and history, and pristine beaches.

Main Entrance

  • 02 6496 1436
Last updated: 16 November 2021