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Transition to School

Preparing your child for school

Starting school is an important time for children and families.  It’s a process that begins when children and families start to prepare in the year before, and continues as children experience their first days, weeks and months of school.

Before school health assessment

Before your child starts school, it is recommended that you take them to your local child and family health nurse or doctor for a health check.

This health assessment may include:

An Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register is required for school enrolment.

Talk to your nurse, doctor and/or teacher about any health, development, behavioural or family issues which may affect your child’s ability to learn at school.

Before school starts

  • give your child lots of love and support. Be excited and enthusiastic about starting school
  • take your child to kindergarten or pre-school orientation day/s so they are familiar with the grounds
  • explain the basic school rules, such as putting up your hand, asking before going to the toilet, listening quietly when necessary, and doing what the teacher asks
  • show your child where the toilets are
  • try on the uniform and shoes before the first day, just to make sure everything fits
  • visit the school when other children are there so your child can get used to the noise of the playground and the size of the ‘big’ students
  • show your child where the after-school care facilities are, if needed
  • plan some lunch box ideas that your child will enjoy, and help them to practice opening their lunch box.

For Further Information

For general information on your transition to school, please contact Population Health at Southern NSW Local Health District.  For specific child health advice, or to book an appointment with a Child & Family Health Nurse please contact the Central Intake Service on 1800 999 880 or

Last updated: 22 June 2020