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Healthy Celebrations

Celebrations often involve games, singing and, of course, party foods! However, in the early childhood setting, children's birthdays happen every week, and Christmas celebrations can often extend throughout December.  Read through our tips for healthy celebrations, and join the Munch & Move® mailing list, to receive more information about programs, tips and ideas like these.

  • Celebrate with coloured party bowls or plates to serve food.
  • Always consider allergies and intolerances of children in the centre, and ensure if parents bring in food, they are also aware of any restrictions.
  • Provide iced water - float fancy ice cubes or pieces of lemon or fruit in it to make it more attractive.
  • Celebrate creatively by setting up craft stations and playing music in the background. Ask parents to provide any special supplies.
  • Make decorations or decorate your service.
  • Celebrate summer with fruity kebabs or watermelon wedges.
  • Ask children to help create a photo board with a pictures of healthy celebrations held in the centre
  • Create a policy outlining how special occasions can be celebrated; this could link in with a healthy fundraising policy.

Take a look at our healthy celebration at Braidwood Preschool to commemorate ten years of the Munch & Move program:

For further information

For further information on supporting healthy eating at your Service, contact the Munch & Move® program at Southern NSW Local Health District.  You can also join our Munch & Move® mailing list, to receive information about programs, tips and ideas to support your Service.

Last updated: 18 October 2020