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Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Make a profit with our healthy fundraising ideas

Healthy fundraising can help your school’s Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association make money for your school while promoting health and wellbeing.  Have a look at our healthy fundraising ideas, and join our Live Life Well @ School email list for more great ideas for your school community.

Why should we focus on healthy fundraising?

Australian children are not as healthy as they should be.  Making the choice to raise funds in a healthy way is one way your school can play a part in tackling the problem.  Healthy fundraising can return a good profit and many organisations have had great success.

Make a profit with these healthy fundraising ideas

  • Multicultural food day – Most school communities are home to families from varying cultures.  Encourage community participation by asking each family to donate a recipe traditional to their culture.  The canteen can then serve these dishes to the students for lunch for a donation.
  • Apple slinky machines – Apple slinky machines peel, core and slice apples in one step into a long slinky.  They make eating apples fun.  Schools can sell them to parents as a fundraiser and make $10 on each machine sold.
  • Healthy snacks day – Fruit snacks can be very popular on a hot summers day.  Set up a fruit stall to support an existing event and try selling fruit skewers, fruit smoothies, or frozen 100% fruit juice icy poles.
  • Healthy cookbooks – Ask teachers, parents and students to submit their favourite healthy recipes and if possible, a photo of the finished product presented nicely  Combine these recipes and photos to create a school cookbook and take orders to have it published.
  • Discos – Use the school hall or a local council hall to have a Friday night disco, with a small entry fee to raise money for the school.  Ask a local DJ to volunteer in exchange for free advertising in the school newsletter.  You could also sell healthy treats on the evening to raise some extra cash.
  • Walk-a-thon or fun run – There is little cost involved in the set-up for these.  You could consider charging a participation fee, or asking the participants to raise sponsorship money from friends and family.  Invite family members, staff and the local community to participate.

We can help your school’s P&C

Our Health Promotion Officers can help you and your school’s P&C:

Ready to go?

Email the Population Health team to discuss how we can support your school’s P&C.  You can also join our Live Life Well @ School email list for regular updates on our school-based programs.

Last updated: 18 October 2020