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Live Life Well at School

Live Life Well @ School offers free professional learning and resources to teachers working in NSW primary schools. The program assists schools to promote healthy eating and physical activity to students.  Contact the Live Life Well @ School program at Southern NSW Local Health District to discuss how the program can support your school or join our Live Life Well @ School email list.

What is the Live Life Well @ School program?

The Live Life Well @School program offers professional development with the purpose of enhancing teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition and physical activity, and resources to support the health and wellbeing of students and the school community.  All NSW primary schools are eligible and encouraged to participate.

After completing training, a Live Life Well @ School support officer from Southern NSW Local Health District will keep in regular contact with you and your school, to assist you with implementing program strategies, and to gather information on program adoption and impact of the program at your school.

What can Live Life Well @ School offer your school?

The Live Life Well @ School program is strongly aligned to the K-10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus.  The Live Life Well @ School program promotes ‘whole of school’ physical activity and nutrition initiatives in primary schools consistent with the WHO Health Promoting School Framework of classroom teaching, incorporating the school environment and community links

By participating in the program, your service can access:

  • professional learning for teachers through workshops and online learning
  • in-service training modules to train staff within schools
  • funding to support teacher attendance at workshops
  • resources developed specifically for NSW schools
  • grants to support implementation of your school’s Action Plan
  • professional development conferences
  • advice and support to assist in the implementation of your school’s Action Plan

Our support officers can:

  • assist your school to develop an Action Plan that reflects a whole of school approach to nutrition and physical activity
  • assist in the development of community focused nutrition and physical activity strategies
  • provide access to information and resources that support the teaching and creation of school environments that promotes physical activity and healthy eating

How can I access Live Life Well @ School training?

NSW public schools (K-6) can access a series of registered Live Life Well @ School online courses through MyPL.  The courses include an online component and a number of tasks for the participant to complete in their school, and are registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for teacher accreditation.  For more information about the online professional learning, contact the Department of Education Live Life Well @ School team.

All school sectors can also access free self-paced online learning modules hosted by the Association of Independent Schools.  The two NESA-registered modules ‘Starting the Journey’ and ‘Taking the Next Step’ can inform teachers’ work within their school as well as create an opportunity for teachers to plan and implement a Health Promotion Initiative at the conclusion of the module.

In addition to the online modules, independent school can access the Association of Independent Schools’ team of consultants, who offer complimentary workshops, customised professional learning, self-paced online learning modules, courses, conferences and school-based projects.

Ready to go?

For further information on the Live Life Well @ School program, visit the Healthy Kids website.  To access local support for the program, contact the Live Life Well @ School program at Southern NSW Local Health District.  You can also join our Live Life Well @ School email list, to receive information about programs, tips and ideas to support your school.

Last updated: 18 October 2020