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Healthy Teeth at Childcare

Dental health resources for preschools

Healthy teeth are important for general health and speech development. Most dental problems can be prevented. The NSW Oral Health Promotion Network has developed resources specifically for the early childhood sector. You can download them on the NSW Health website or order hard copies of posters and brochures for your service, free of charge.

Little Smiles

Little Smiles is a dental health resource package that aims to reduce tooth decay in children aged 0-5 years. The package focuses on assisting early childhood educators to encourage young children to establish good dental and nutrition habits from an early age, which can maintain the health of their teeth and gums for life.

Health Smart Deadly Art

The Health Smart Deadly Art project at the Greater Southern Area Health Service utilised visual art to develop Aboriginal culturally appropriate education resources to promote dental health. Students from Narooma Public School created visual art products representing the key oral health messages: Eat Well, Drink Well, Clean Well, Play Well, Stay Well.  The posters are available for download from the NSW Health website.

Protecting Tiny Teeth

Protecting Tiny Teeth is a digital media resource for parents and carers to educate them about prevention of tooth decay (or early childhood caries) in babies, toddlers and infants.  The resource was developed by the Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch), with support from the NSW Health Centre for Oral Health Strategy.  Early childhood educators can request a free DVD for your Service.

Protecting Tiny Teeth uses real life scenarios to explain how babies, toddlers and infants develop early childhood caries or tooth decay. Narrated by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, and using 3D graphics, the audience will learn why it is important to introduce good eating habits from a very early age, how and why tooth decay occurs as well as how fluoride works to fight tooth decay and repair damage to tiny teeth.

For further information

Visit the NSW Health website for more dental health resources or email the Population Health team to discuss how we can support your service.  You can also join our Munch & Move® mailing list, to receive information about programs, tips and ideas to support your Service.

Last updated: 03 July 2020