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Early Education

Healthy Supported Playgroups

Resources to help promote healthy eating and active play at the group session with families at home.

Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS)

Vision screening for 4 year olds attending NSW early education services.

Encouraging & Supporting Breastfeeding in Childcare

Download our tooklit to help your service support families to continue to breastfeed.

Healthy Teeth at Childcare

Resources designed specifically for the early childhood sector to promote dental health.

8 Great Tips for Introducing a Bottle or Cup

Suggestions to help transition babies to a bottle or cup.

Soothing Sleep & Settling Suggestions for Babies

Tips for supporting sleep for babies at childcare.

Healthy Eating & Children’s Books

Extend on the healthy eating themes of children's books with these ideas.

Last updated: 24 September 2019