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Deb Bailey, Community Health Nurse and Outreach Midwife, Bombala Multi-Purpose Service

Deb Bailey is a Community Health Nurse and Outreach Midwife, based at Bombala Multi-Purpose Service. Throughout her career Deb has undertaken a number of nursing roles, which has provided great depth and insight to her current role.

 In 1981, Deb first trained as an enrolled nurse’s aide with Lady Davidson repatriation hospital in Turramurra.  Enrolled nursing provided great insights as to the role of a registered nurse. In 1987, I completed further training to become a registered nurse at Camden Hospital.

After taking a short time away for her children, she took on the role as a nurse counsellor for the next 3 years at the Jacaranda Methadone Unit Liverpool.

Although midwifery was really never on her list, a friend encouraged her to undertake the training. She was sold on the prospect of how much fun it would be. They undertook the training at Liverpool Hospital and yes it was fun, but challenging particularly balancing a full time workload and 2 children under 4 years of age. Deb continued working at Liverpool Hospital post her studies to gain experience. Her love of working in labour wards of several maternity units, lead to becoming a clinical midwifery specialist for 14 years, aiming to make a difference.

Deb has been nursing in Bombala since 2009. For Deb the key difference between working in the city versus the country is the higher level of contact with patients, families and carers.

“The community has high expectations of its health care providers, and the trust they place in you is remarkable.  My community supports their nurses, always willing to help when they can. I enjoy seeing people in the street, seeing their recovery in progress” Deb said.

Nursing and midwifery has been a very rewarding career for Deb. The local doctors work collaboratively to provide the best care possible to all.

 “It gives me pleasure to see our patients and clients get well, go home and get back to their lives. Unfortunately sometimes this doesn’t happen, people don’t recover. Families are shattered when their loved one pass away. As nurse/midwife, I know we give our best and it is recognised and appreciated with just a couple of simple words saying “thankyou”.

Last updated: 12 May 2020