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Louise Casey Trauma & Emergency Clinical Nurse Consultant

Louise Casey is a Trauma & Emergency Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Southern Local Health District. She provides support and expertise to our emergency departments across the District.

Louise enjoys working with a wide range of Emergency Department clinicians, NSW ambulance service,  retrieval service and Canberra Hospital trauma service just to name a few.

The role provides enormous variety, no week is ever the same. An example of this variety was outlined by the activities of the last fortnight which saw her improving COVID 19 emergency department models of care, assisting the Clinical Nurse Educator’s with pandemic training, working with the snowy trauma committee to identify upcoming issues around the 2020 ski season, regular NSW Emergency department community of practice meetings, updating trauma activation plans for one site, ordering manikins to assist clinicians with inserting pain relief for femoral neck fracture,  and male catheterisation.

Louise is able to deploy her skills and knowledge across 12 unique emergency departments, providing consultation on a variety of challenging issues faced by rural Emergency Departments such as geographical isolation, models of care, transfers, equipment, staffing and critical care experience.

Although an independent role, she works closely with the Critical Care team and has the great support from her manager which makes all the difference.  

So why nursing as a career? Louise mentioned that she has always been interested in caring for people especially after the loss of her mother when she was 16 years old. “As nurses we have the privilege to assist another person through difficult, painful, confusing life events is incredibly rewarding, especially in a fast paced ED.”

Last updated: 11 May 2020