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The crunching that broke the record

Vegetable Week, featuring The Big Vegie Crunch, was a primary school-based health promotion event that ran from Monday 22 May to Friday 26 May 2017. The week culminated in the exciting event, The Big Vegie Crunch, on Thursday 25 May.

Students across NSW crunched together to break the record for the most kids eating vegetables simultaneously. More than 370 primary schools were registered for the event.

So what happened? 27,858 students from 379 schools across NSW crunched together to break the record. A further 5,033 students also crunched over the week. That’s a whole lot of vegetable eating.

Congratulations to all the students in our Health District who crunched together!

The next event for the Healthy Kids campaign is Fruit & Veg Month which will be held from 28 August to 22 September.

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Media Note:  For further information, please contact Emma Woolley, Health Promotion Coordinator on 02 6124 9921 or emma.woolley@health.nsw.gov.au.

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